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With its 30 years of existence, OFADEC has developed an expertise within the integrated rural development for the Senegalese, Mauritanian and Guinean populations.

OFADEC also has 18 years of experience with refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons in the following fields:

Camp management (250 camps managed for a 66,000 refugee population)

  • Health and Education (66,000 refugees)
  • Micro-projects for women (500 women)
  • Repatriation (2,000 refugees)
  • Agricultural projects (2,000 hectares for refugees)

In Senegal

It realised several big projects among them, those of Tamba and Podor.

Tamba, 300 hectares of banana culture with irrigation system for 1,493 farmers gathered in 20 GIE (Groupe d’Intérêt Economique / Group of Economic Interest).

Podor, 3,000 hectares for rice growing and market gardening always constituted in GIE.

Tamba : Integrated project of banana production with irrigation system, 1979-1991

This project concerned 1,493 producers, including 716 women who are autonomous since 1991 and manage a production of 6,000 tons of bananas per year. This production represented 30,000 tons in 2006 and contributed to 65% of the national needs cover in bananas.


Mauritanian refugees  : from 1989 until nowadays

OFADEC counts 18 years of experience in refugee programme management.

From 1989 until nowadays, OFADEC has provided welcome, and management of 250 refugee camps. Delivery of food assistance for 66,000 Mauritanian refugees from 1989 until 1995.

OFADEC has provided the functioning of sanitation including 14 health cabins for these refugees.

The OFADEC educational service provided the functioning and the monitoring of the refugee schools, with the schooling of more than 6,000 children, later it ensured the integration of more than 800 children within the Senegalese school system.

Generating projects initiated by OFADEC enabled the realisation of 1,000 hectares of soils with irrigation system with refugees of the valley.

These areas were cultivated for rice and vegetables production in Matam and Podor.

Micro-projects of credits for refugee women in the River valley concern more than 500 women.

Urban Refugees from 1998 until nowadays

In Dakar , OFADEC is in charge of managing urban refugees who are about 2,000.

The OFADEC activities in this field are:

  • Assistance,
  • Education / Training,
  • Health,
  • Micro-project.
Refugees from Guinea-Bissau : 1998 – 1999

Following the conflict in Guinea-Bissau , OFADEC ensured welcome of refugees from Guinea-Bissau in the camps of Dakar and Thies.

Once the conflict ended, the repatriation by boat or road of these refugees from Guinea-Bissau towards their home country was ensured by OFADEC.

The refugee programmes are realised in partnership with the UNHCR and/or with NGO.

OFADEC is administered by a board of directors of 15 members.

Nowadays, OFADEC leads programmes in St Louis , Tamba and Dakar regions.


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